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Having flooring that flows easily from one room to the next is very desirable, with more homeowners than ever having hardwood flooring in both the living room and the kitchen. We have already discussed how humidity is the enemy of wood floors. As a result, you may believe that wood flooring should never be used in a kitchen where spilled water and drips are typical. That simply is not the case with today's wood flooring. Yet, there are specific considerations to make when choosing the proper wood floor for your kitchens, such as wood species, color, treatment, and shine. That is why Kitchen Flooring Glendale is here to guide and discuss these matters for you to decide in the future.

Hardwood Floor Types

Kitchen Flooring Glendale states that because of the wood's capacity to endure the high foot traffic and use that kitchens experience, choosing a wood species that ranks higher on the Janka wood hardness scale1 is recommended for kitchens. The most durable timbers include oak, maple, and cherry. 2 Oak is the most commonly used domestic hardwood for kitchen flooring. 3 On the Janka scale, red oak has a value of 1290, whereas white oak has a rating of 1360. Additional local hardwood alternatives include walnut (1010 Janka), hickory (1820), and birch (1260). Popular exotic hardwoods that are hard enough on the Janka scale to function well for kitchen flooring include teak at 1155, tigerwood at 2160, and Brazilian cherry (jatoba) at 2350.

Color Options for Wood Floors

Kitchen Flooring Glendale advises you to choose the hue of wood for your floor is also a crucial decision because kitchen flooring requires more upkeep than other rooms of the home owing to culinary accidents, spills, and foot activity. Spills, trash, scratches, and dents are more noticeable on excessively light or dark wood floors. The hues of your cabinets and countertops will also influence your choice of floor color.

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